About Davison Day Nursery

Davison Day Nursery is a 40 place nursery, located in a purpose-built, single storey building on the site of Davison High School and is a term-time only nursery. The nursery is open between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. During these opening times, the day is split into two sessions; 8am-1pm and 1pm-5pm. The nursery has three rooms, to enable us to provide different, age-appropriate experiences and activities for the children in our care. These rooms are: the Baby Room, the Toddler Room and the Pre-School Room. Special diets are catered for within the nursery and school lunches are provided. Healthy snacks, water/milk and formula milk are available during the day. The nursery operates a laundry facility should a child’s clothes need changing, in the event of an accident. Nappies are supplied by the parents. The nursery provides Factor 50 sun cream for the children unless you wish to provide your own. A key-person system is in operation throughout the nursery. This means that there is a key person who is responsible for ensuring that all your child’s needs are met.

Baby Room

The baby room is a calm and relaxed environment where most children will begin their nursery life. We care for up to 9 babies, looked after by three qualified members of staff. When your baby starts at nursery they will be assigned a key person from within the baby room who will help your child settle. At times, other staff members might be required to work alongside the baby room staff and this has the benefit of enabling your child to become familiar with other staff working within the nursery.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is followed to ensure that the babies have lots of opportunities to learn in a holistic way, (by viewing them as a whole child). This is achieved by building upon the babies’ interest in interaction and by providing a range of opportunities to explore the world around them.

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Toddler Room

The toddler room offers many new, exciting and stimulating experiences, as well as keeping a warm, homely and caring atmosphere. The toddler room can care for 9 children in a session and have 3 members of staff. Your toddler will be assigned a key person who will help your child settle and be responsible for your child’s learning journal. At times, other staff members might be required to work alongside the toddler staff and this has the benefit of enabling your child to become familiar with other staff working within the nursery.

A few weeks before your child starts in the toddler room, he/she will have had the opportunity to visit and stay and play, steadily becoming used to the new environment.

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Pre-School Room

The pre-school room is full of activities and experiences available for your child to engage in and these activities are offered as a result of focused observations following children’s individual interests.
Planning is done on a weekly basis using the information gathered from observations. Every child is allocated a key worker when they start and they will help your child settle within the room in addition to being responsible for completing your child’s learning journal and their current ‘Next Steps’ celebrate their progress and achievements.
The pre-school room care for 20 children and are looked after by 4 members of staff. We work closely with Northbrook College and encourage child care students to undertake their placements with us, working in the pre-school room.

The pre-school room have adjoining toilets and easy access to our large, exciting outside area. Our ethos within the pre-school room is to prepare your child for the transition to Primary School. We aim to develop their independence so they are prepared and equipped to cope with the next stage of learning. This includes being able to deal with their own toileting needs and hygiene, dress and undress and separate from their main carer with confidence.

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