The manager; Louise Payne, the deputy manager; Valerie French and all the team are happy to welcome you to Davison Day Nursery. We are keen to develop a partnership with you and your family to ensure that your child’s pre-school years are positive, fun and educational. When you come to Davison, you can be sure that you will find a warm environment with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, where the emphasis is on learning through play in a stimulating environment. We also believe that children benefit most from their time at nursery when the parents feel that they are partners in the care and education of their child.


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Davison Day Nursery. In one way or another I have been associated with the nursery for nearly a decade and closely involved in many developments over the last few years. I believe that three factors make Davison Day Nursery a very special place:

• The high standards of care which every child enjoys and the
    excellent quality of preparation  as they begin their
    journey through life.

• The strong leadership provided by Louise Payne and Val
    French, supported by the management  committee and
   the Davison High School family.

• The dedicated staff team who are committed to making
   each child feel happy and valued.

Our close association with the school allows us to access a wealth of experience, advice and support. The girls in the school and their parents have been remarkably generous in supporting the nursery in terms of providing equipment and toys for the children.

Pauline Smith